I Didn't Do It


Season two of Disney Channel's comedy "I Didn't Do It" continues to follow fraternal twin sister and brother Lindy and Logan Watson and their three best friends – Jasmine, Garrett and Delia – as they navigate the ups and downs of teenage life, now as high school sophomores, creating adventure (and a few mishaps) at every turn.   

Inseparable since they all met in third grade, the five best friends have experienced every major (and minor) life event together and know everything about each other, including their individual personality quirks and habits.  

Lindy is a model student, ambitious and enthusiastic, while Logan is the polar-opposite of his sister – extremely laidback and more focused on creating an epic sophomore year than epic grades. Garrett is a bit of a germaphobe, over-analytical and willing to go to great lengths to fight injustice against order. A fashionista since third grade, Jasmine thrives on good grades, pulling off daring pranks and having the perfect outfit for every occasion. Rounding out the group is the loveable, eccentric and outspoken Delia. If there's something that shouldn't be said out loud, Delia has probably already blurted it out, much to her friends' chagrin and secret delight.

While the five friends remain unchanged, their favorite hangout spot, Rumblejuice, is a bit different. The healthy neighborhood smoothie bar still shakes every time a train passes due to its location underneath the train tracks, and now has another force of nature to deal with  – new proprietor and manager, Betty LeBow. A former Coast Guard officer, Betty is tough but loveable and often finds herself in the midst of the five friends' mishaps.

Together, Lindy, Logan, Jasmine, Garrett and Delia, turn everyday adolescent issues into a hilarious adventure. And, no matter the situation, the five friends know they can always rely on each other.

Starring are Olivia Holt ("Kickin' It," "Girl vs. Monster") as Lindy, Austin North ("A.N.T. Farm," "Kickin' It") as Logan, Piper Curda ("Teen Beach 2," "A.N.T. Farm") as Jasmine, Peyton Clark ("Danger Jane") as Garrett, and Sarah Gilman ("Last Man Standing") as Delia. Karen Malina White ("The Proud Family," "Malcom & Eddy") recurs as Betty LeBow.

The series was created by Tod Himmel ("90210," "The Starter Wife") and Josh Silverstein ("So Random!") and is executive-produced by Phil Baker ("Good Luck Charlie"). "I Didn't Do It" is a production of It's a Laugh Productions, Inc. It carries a TV-G parental guideline.

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